DIY links

Some links that you may find helpful in finding parts, projects and manuals.

Projects - Also components and tools
Makezine - Make Magazine
Solarbotics - The Canadian BEAM robotics supplier.
Lady Ada and Adafruit Industries - Limor Fried's projects and websites.
SparkFun Electronics - Another great site for all things electronic.
Open EEG - an Open Hardware equivalent to SOurceForge

Components and tools
Digikey - One of the best suppliers of electronic components
Makerbot - a 3D printer
Ultimaker - another 3D printer
Rachel's Electronics - Never purchased from this store, but I supported a Kickstarter project by Joel Murphy, who started it.
Futurelec - simpler site than digikey

Project Software - Easy to use interactive programming.
Python - My favorite language to work with.
Arduino - The incredible open source hardware platform.
Design Software
Tinkercad - Online software
Sketchup - Google freeware
Autodesk 123D - Autodesk 3D modeling software
Fritzing - Fritzing "open-source initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics."
iFixIt - Manuals for free use. -a search engine for electronic parts.

MakerBot Industries - Creators of the first open source 3D printer.
Ponoko - "Personal Factory" CNC, 3D printing, Laser cutting
Shapeways - 3D printing
Pololu - Laser Cutting, parts
Thingverse - product designs

Arduino - a great open source hardware platform. 

Let's Make Robots - Basics - See what's in store for 2011
Hacker Spaces

DIY Drones

OpenSCAD on MakerBot


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