Artwork: Audible Tactile - Seoul, South Korea, 2006

Audible Tactile
Interactive Object and Sound Installation

Part of the “Jet Lag: Traveling Exhibition”
Exhibited at Ssamzie Space, Seoul, South Korea 

Audible Tactile consists of five found objects placed on shelves for the audience to pick up and touch. Manipulating each item causes traditional Korean music to play, evoking past and present cultural stylizations.

Audible Tactile centers around the audience’s interaction with five objects found in Seoul that symbolize the five natural elements of Oh-Haeng: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. As the participants approach each object, a different musical piece plays, comprised of traditional Korean flute, drums, vocal, and string instruments. Much like the affects of jetlag, the interactive sculpture creates a surreal environment of displacement in time and space. The use of modern items and traditional music evokes the juxtaposition of Seoul's history with its ultra modern features. 




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