Another example of BlinkM and LED accents

The sign project continues to evolve. It looks like the material of the sign will be changing and the lighting on the sign itself will be very strong, so subtle changing lights behind it may or may not be the best solution for the dynamic, high-tech feel we're going for. Since the desk area layout is also changing, there will be a more open space and more light.

I'm doing more research to get more ideas for the best design. I like the LEDs under the acrylic, and the arrays of LEDs in the cubes.

This is the LED Glass Desk. These are single-pixel, BlinkMs under frosted glass. 

This is a 3D 8x8x8 LED cube. It can be programmed to play different patterns, and have those patterns react to interactions.

This is an example of a use of building materials to create an effect.

And a final project, Arduino Based ambient lighting system that takes the screen's overall ambient light and sets the LEDs to that color.




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