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I've been working for several years on personal projects and artwork, using do it yourself ideas, materials and components from Make Magazine, Adafruit Industries, Solarbotics and SparkFun Electronics. I'm documenting my discoveries, triumphs and failures here. If you've found your way to this page, then you may find some of it useful. Stick around, there will be more.

Hacker Philosophy
I love to learn, love to create, and love to teach. I like the process of troubleshooting something, making it work, and discovering interesting ways to create things. I've always appreciated the open source movement, both on the software and on the hardware side. The word hacker or hacking has acheieved controversial status over the years, but to me it still means the playful and creative re-purposing of anything that can be disassembled or rearranged. 

More about me
Shortly after coming into existence sometime in the 20th century, I started taking apart everything I could find. As my development as a human being continued, I learned to crawl, talk, tie my own shoes... And I learned that if I ever wanted to play with any of my toys, I had to figure out how to put stuff back together.

I finally was able to put some things back together. You learn real fast how to put toys back together when you realize that they no longer work after taking them apart. And as extra motivation, no, your parents won't buy you another one, when you broke the last one. Even if it's your favorite motorized police car that bounced off walls and reversed away from them.

Eventually all that fixing - or breaking then fixing - led me to a real job. I worked as a bicycle mechanic for 2 years. The company I worked for began to have problems, and I eventually ended up in computers. Fixing broken computers. Oh, yes, I broke my first computer by taking it apart, years before.

After years of working in the IT managed services industry, I made a decision to complete my college education. I discovered that MICA in Baltimore, MD had a new Interactive Media program, that promoted Interaction as an art form. Initially I intended to stick with web design, but I quickly discovered the world of interactive electronics.

After attending from 2005 to 2008, I was awarded a Bachelor's in the Arts degree, in Interactive Media. I finally decided that it was time to pursue a career again.

We are in complete control of our destinies. Even if they don't come about the way we expect. Allow the unexpected. 
Live and let live, unless you touch my stuff.
Albert Einstein is attributed with saying, "The most fundamental question we can ever ask ourselves is whether or not the universe we live in is friendly or hostile." Whether he said it not * I think this is a great way to approach life.

- Mike Ries, 2011


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